Why Hiring a Licensed Drone Pilot is Important

No matter what you may need drone footage for, it’s essential to hire a licensed drone pilot when you want the highest quality footage done the right way.

A licensed drone pilot will ensure that all FAA rules and regulations are being followed and that the shooting of footage goes off without a hitch.

If you hire an unlicensed pilot, you can open yourself up to being involved in a potential accident, or worse, you could even receive fines for hiring an unlicensed drone pilot.

To make sure you get high quality footage in the safest manner possible, get in touch with a professional drone company today.

They’re compliant with the FAA

Through the passing of an extensive licensing program, a drone pilot will be familiar with FAA regulations and will follow these to avoid accidents and fines.

By following these regulations, a licensed drone pilot will know where they can legally fly, how high they can go with the drone, and other circumstances that are unique to commercial drone flights.

The FAA’s goal is to keep airspace as safe as possible and will make sure all licensed drone pilots are experts with different classes of airspace, permitting, and getting waivers when the job requires one.

Safety is a priority

As mentioned above, a licensed drone pilot has to go through an extensive training program where they learn about current FAA regulations. They will want to follow these regulations to not only avoid fines, but to show their clients that they know what they’re doing. If the drone mission requires a special permit or FAA waiver, a licensed pilot will be the only route to legally achieving the types of shots you need for your production.

Many licensed pilots are running a business of some kind, and they’ll want to leave a good impression for repeat business and referrals. By following what they have been taught during training, and experience doing things the right way, they will greatly lower the chances of an accident or fine.

They provide high-quality video

The final product is what affects your business or personal project the most. By hiring a licensed drone pilot, you will be getting high-quality footage by an individual that follows the rules and regulations laid out by the FAA.  You can be assured they will put the same degree of care and effort into making the best visuals they can so that your brand is represented the way you want it to be.

If you are interested in having a licensed drone pilot assist with an upcoming project for your business or other needs in Casper, WY, we ask that you reach out to our team at Stengel Media. We are licensed and insured and ready to provide you with the very best drone video on the market. No matter what type of shoot is required, our experienced team and quality equipment will ensure a finished product you’ll be proud of.