What to Expect When Hiring a Video Production Company

Whether for an event, commercial, or documentary, hiring a video production company can be a new experience for people! You may feel nervous or unsure of the proper procedure- and that’s okay! Below are a few hints to help you feel prepared for hiring a video production company and bringing your video project to life.


Having an idea in mind of what you want is essential.  Start at the end: think of your end goal and work backward. The more you have in mind for your finished product, the better.  Think of what action you want your customer to do after watching your video.  Of course, our team will be there to help, so don’t fret! They will also come prepared with creative ideas, making for an awesome space for collaboration.


Were you scrolling through your favorite social media platform and came across something that made you go, “Whoa! A video like this would be perfect for our company!” Well we want to see it!  Using references of videos you love (and even videos you hate) helps us get a better idea of your vision and what you are trying to accomplish with video.  It’s also a great starting point to brainstorm and inspire ideas to make the references work for your business needs.


When you go to buy a house, one of the first questions your realtor generally asks you is the budget you’d like to work with.  This same strategy is essential for video focused projects.  It helps to guide most recommendations for the long list of considerations needed to produce a successful video project or ad campaign. There is the time involved in planning, shooting, and editing the video project, the crew needed, required video, audio, and lighting equipment, locations, permits, wardrobe, travel, food – the list can get long pretty quick.  If you don’t know or don’t have experience with this type of thing, that’s what your video production company is for!  We are there to help scope out your project and help you find a scope that fits your budget.

Some Tips

Now that you are feeling a bit more prepared on what to expect, here are some tips for when you embark on your video journey.

  • Let your video production company know beforehand if you need your finished product by a certain date. 
  • Check out some of your video production company’s previous work. Try to find past projects that are similar to what you are shooting. You can also show us videos created by others.
  • Be yourself! It’s a cliché, but it is true- the best way to look back on your finished product with pride is to see your authentic self on film.  Our directors and cinematographers do this everyday and we love to make our clients feel comfortable on camera.

Hiring a video production company is a surefire way to ensure your needs are met. Our cinematographers have experience shooting in many different environments and styles, from documenting a special event to promoting your business. For all your video needs, Stengel Media has you covered. Call us at 307-259-1867 to get started on your request today!