Top 5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Video Production Company

Whether you’re hiring a video production company for a special event or promotional reason, it’s good to be on the lookout for some important elements!


It’s good to find someone local, but it’s also important to find the right creator for your project.  If the video production company you want to work with is only a few hours away, it doesn’t hurt to shoot them an email and ask about their travel fees!

They Are Goal Focused, and Ask a Lot Of Questions

Yes, there are questions your video production company should be asking you! It is important for both parties involved to ask a lot of questions. Many of these questions will be orientated towards the desired goal of the video, and how to best create videos with the goals of your business or film in mind.  Some questions that are a green flag from your video production company are:

  • “What is your budget?” This shows that they are aware of budget limits and will be upfront with pricing if they are within your range, or help you scope out your project and help you decide a healthy budget for the needs and requirements of your project.
  • “Do you have a deadline?” Nobody wants to wait a year to get their product. However, some companies may have long wait times due to demand! Them asking about your deadline shows that they care and want to be open about expectations.
  • “Do you have any specific shots you would like to get?” This shows they are open to collaboration with you. They don’t just want to get their shots; they want to ensure that, if possible, they get any shots you want.
  • “What is the visual style of the piece you want us to create?”  Visual styles are so important to the goals of your video. If you don’t know or what suggestions, a good video production company can help you with that too!


Any good video production company will surely have positive reviews. It’s a good idea to check out reviews on other platforms too!  See if your video production company has any reviews on Facebook or Yelp, and don’t forget to check out search engine reviews as well!


Consider the style you want your finished product to have, and check and see if your video production company has a portfolio that matches. Most teams will be open to direction; however, if your video production company has a specific signature style, it’s best to find one that aligns with your style goals.

They Are the Type Of People You Wouldn’t Mind Hanging Out With

You will spend a long time with your video production company. You should ensure they are kind, and your personalities work well together! Spending long days on set should be a fun experience, and having a video production company that is easy to hang out with is a good indicator that they will be great to work with as well. Hiring the right video production company is a surefire way to ensure your needs are met. Our cinematographers have experience shooting in many different environments and styles, from documentary filmmaking to corporate videos, commercial work and more. Now that you know what to look out for check out our blog for the next step: what to expect! For all your video needs, Stengel Media has you covered. Call us at 307-259-1867 to get started on your request today!