The Importance of Documenting Your Process

From pottery spinning to piano playing, learning and developing a hobby is no small feat. Many people feel bashful when it comes to their hobbies or receiving praise. We are here to tell you: don’t! Okay, we know it’s easier said than done, but you deserve every bit of praise for your passions that you receive. Hand in hand with that is the importance of documenting your processes. There are many reasons for this; two of the main ones are:

Keep the Memories

Whether you want a high-quality video for information or just for personal use, the preservation of the memories is important. To be able to look back at you doing your passion is something truly special, and even more special when you can share it with family and friends!

Be a Part of Something Bigger

You know the iconic phrase: “Without ART, the EARTH is just EH.” While often thought of as a passing phrase, it is true. Every type of art is unique to the person. Even two artists specializing in watercolor have their own unique styles.

Art of all kinds is so personal, and it is truly at the core of humanity.  

In the Stengel Media produced,  Emmy award-winning documentary “Dying Light” Connie Morgan said: “If something calls to you, and you have a passion for it, you’re gonna find a way to make a living at it….If someone out there has a passion for it, then go for it. Don’t let anybody tell you no”. We can all learn a thing from Connie. Following our passions is what makes us, well, us.

Stengel Media also has experience with filming passions in our pieces “Fire Spinner” and “Make Art Wyoming”; both of which focus on people with intense passions and a deep love and appreciation for said passions.

Here at Stengel Media, we fully support following your passions- it is what got us where we are today. If you have a passion, a goal, or anything else you’d like to document – Stengel Media has you covered. Call us at 307-259-1867 to get started on your request today!