– A man in a forest, tortured by flashes of war and the joy of a child, must overcome his own demons and find a clearing before it’s too late.

SEEK is a narrative short film made for the #myrodereel2020 short film competition.  Directed, filmed, edited, and colored by Anthony Stengel, written and Co-Directed by Jaime Cruz.  Filmed on Casper Mountain over the span of 2 days, creating this short film was an amazing experience we won’t soon forget.

Sound design was a very important element in this film.  We always try to capture as much audio on set as possible, however many of the sounds for SEEK were added in post.  We wanted to write and concept a script with sound design playing an equal, or possibly even more important role than the visuals.

SEEK has won awards and has been the official selection at multiple festivals around the country and online.

A huge shoutout and sincere thank you to everyone who made this film possible.



Stengel Media

Stengel Media