Liquid Death

Hey there! We’re excited to tell you about this spec fitness ad that Stengel Media created for Liquid Death Mountain Water. We had a blast shooting it with a small, but highly skilled crew.

We used some top-notch equipment to capture the perfect shots, including the Sony FX6 cinema camera and cine-modded Leica-R Summicron lenses. These lenses are seriously amazing, providing a cinematic look and feel with excellent contrast and color rending, with that glow that the Leica-R lenses are known for.

To create the cinematic look and ambience, we used a combination of Aputure lighting and Nanlite Pavotubes as practicals in the scene. This combo allowed us to work fast and efficiently, while creating the shadowy, dramatic ambience we wanted for this shoot.  We also added a fair amount of haze to the entire space to give the light something to interact with and add even more drama and visual interest to our frames.

Despite the small crew, we were able to capture a range of stunning shots that showcased the power and intensity of our fitness model Katie’s intense workout routine. We wanted to make sure that every aspect of the ad was captured beautifully, with a keen attention to detail and composition, but honestly we try to do this on all of our shoots so nothing new there 🙂

Overall, we were really pleased with how the ad turned out. The combination of great gear, crew, talent, and location allowed us to create a visually stunning and engaging fitness ad that perfectly captured the badass spirit of Liquid Death Mountain Water. We’d love the chance to create something equally amazing for you and your company – let’s talk!

Stengel Media

Stengel Media