Natural Light vs. Studio Light for Your Video Shoot

When hiring a video production company for your upcoming shoot there are many things to consider.

You will certainly want a company with experience, and one that has worked with a wide range of clients, but you also want a team that can shoot in different situations with both natural and studio light.

Whether you will be shooting indoors during the day, outdoors at night, or anything in between – you need a video team that has the equipment and skill to pull off your video shoot in any setting.

Ensure that your shoot goes off without a hitch by understanding the two main lighting techniques and choosing a team with experience in each.

Natural Light

As its name suggests, this type of light utilizes the natural light from the sun. It is perfect for outside shoots or shoots in rooms with good lighting during the day.

Although it is natural, it can be modified using several techniques that include the use of reflectors to change the lights direction or scrim to soften it.

When you choose natural light, it will be important to remember that your shooting time will be restricted to certain times of day and that the location of the shoot will change the look of the video.

Studio Light

If you’ll be shooting indoors or at a time of day when the sun isn’t up, you’ll require more than just natural light.

Studio light will use artificial light and techniques to achieve a desired light in any situation. Most video production companies will offer several techniques appropriate for your setting that include LED on camera lights, ring lights, softbox lights, umbrella lights and more.

Aside from these lights there are also modifiers that can help shape the light to the needs of the specific shoot.

Making the Right Decision

When choosing between natural light and studio light it’s important to remember the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Natural light will provide a clean, traditional look and will allow you to have a much wider shooting radius, however, you will be at the mercy of the sun. This is not always ideal especially for interview shoots because the light will be fluctuating throughout the day and could lead to the light changing on your subjects face.

On the other hand, studio lighting provides the video team with a lot more freedom in terms of the time of day they can shoot and the control they have over lighting conditions. However, studio lighting will force you to remain in a smaller shooting radius in some instances, as the lighting equipment will be in a fixed position. There will also be more time setting up and tearing down all the equipment.

No matter which type of lighting you feel is best for your shoot, we ask that you reach out to our experienced video production team at Stengel Media for a high quality, well executed shoot.

Based out of Casper, WY, we have the experienced video staff and equipment to handle any type of shoot that you require using both natural and studio lighting techniques.

We take great pride in making your ideas and stories come to life and ask that you reach out to us at 307-259-1867 to discuss your shoot today.