Choose Drone Footage for These Sporting Events

Whether you are participating in an upcoming sporting event, are charged with running a team or athlete’s marketing initiatives or anything in between and require video footage, it is suggested to give drone video a try.

Drone footage offers a compelling and attention-grabbing way of filming your sporting events, capturing aerial action shots in a unique way that gets to the true essence of the activity.

This video footage can be handled for a wide variety of sports that include skiing and snowboarding, extreme sports such as skydiving and base jumping, racing and more.

No matter which sporting events you need drone video for, make sure to give an experienced video production company a call today.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the hardest sports to capture long action shots of, as the athletes are traveling at high speeds through mountainous terrain. An experienced drone videographer will have the ability to travel above the skier or snowboarder and capture unique aerial footage with ease.

While a GoPro or other first-person video equipment can be used, a drone can capture an entire race or event in a more professional manner that will look great on social media and with any other marketing ventures.

Extreme Sports

Another area where drone footage is ideal is in the world of extreme sports. Whether it be mountain biking, skydiving, base jumping or any other type of extreme activity, drone footage will be able to capture the action like no other videography option.

When you want clear and exhilarating footage of these fast-paced extreme sports, a drone will be able to keep up with the action and provide you with the footage you require to further yourself and your sport in the public eye.  


While people have been filming races for many years, drones provide a different view of a race that many professionals enjoy for marketing purposes, breaking down their racing tactics and more.

When you choose drone videography services for your upcoming race you can have overhead footage shot of an entire race, certain racecars, certain parts of the course and more.

Drone footage works well with a wide variety of race types that include rally, drift car, formula one and Nascar races and will provide you with the quality, consistent action shots you require.

No matter what sports you need professional drone videography services for, we ask that you think of our team at Stengel Media.

We offer advanced and impactful drone videography services and provide you with a simple, convenient and custom-designed solution to tell your story. Our drone pilots are highly trained and certified and equipped with state-of-the-art drones that will get the job done.  

We have in-depth knowledge of the regulations governing drone operations, comply with the industry’s highest standards to deliver brilliant quality drone videography services and are properly licensed and insured.

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