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The Role of a Producer/Director

Director sitting behind a camera

While most people are aware of the titles ‘Producer’ and ‘Director’ when it comes to creating video, they may not be completely familiar with everything these people do throughout the creation process. In this blog we will discuss the roles a producer and director play when it comes to making films, commercials, branded content and… Read more »

Is It Better to Buy or Rent Camera Gear?

Closeup of videographer focusing camera

When you’re readying for a video shoot and don’t have the necessary gear, you may be torn between buying or renting. There are many factors that go into this decision that include cost, the amount you will be using the equipment and more. Should you be uncertain on which way to turn, we suggest reading… Read more »

Why Having a Professional Camera Crew Is Important

Camera crew setting up a shot

When you need video shot for an upcoming commercial, documentary, special event or for any other reason, it’s important that you work with a professional camera crew. Hiring an experienced camera crew will not only ensure your video shoot is organized and properly prepared for but that it will be shot using some of the… Read more »

What Is the Job of a Director of Photography?

A Three Person Film Crew Setting Up a Shot

A director of photography (DP) plays an integral role in video production and helps in having the director’s vision come to life. The DP oversees everything from where cameras and crew will be placed for a shot, to lighting, deconstruction of a shot once completed and more. Also known as a cinematographer, a DP can… Read more »

Natural Light vs. Studio Light for Your Video Shoot

Cameraman at video shoot

When hiring a video production company for your upcoming shoot there are many things to consider. You will certainly want a company with experience, and one that has worked with a wide range of clients, but you also want a team that can shoot in different situations with both natural and studio light. Whether you… Read more »

What is Post-Production and What Things Should You Know About It?

Post Production Process

The post-production process begins as soon as you finish planning and shooting your video. These are the final steps that bring your video together. There are some important elements in the post-production process that you shouldn’t skip to make your video really stand out. Let’s dive into what the post-production process really is and the… Read more »